First Singapore WordPress Meetup in 2014 And Thank You!

After much feet dragging (and alcohol), we finally gotten around to having our first WordPress meetup in Singapore after 3 years of dry spell!

The WordPress meetup was held on 10th September 2014, at HackerspaceSG. HackerspaceSG is Singapore’s first co-working space which supports the general community by hosting public events for free. The roots of WPUG.SG is tied intrinsically to HackerspaceSG through the close association of the founding team and the space.

We were wowed by the turnout of the attendees, with over a dozen coming in to listen to Lester, Robert and Kian Ann touching on three different topics: security, server configuration and Google Analytics. It is always a challenge to speak to such a crowd as they are portionately developers, users and designers.

However, the response from the crowd was encouraging, and the level of engagement between the everyone, the speakers and the participants higher than what we expected. Most attendees stayed on for an hour more or so, discussing on the topics delivered and other related content.

We declare that the first WordPress meetup for 2014 to be a success! The next meetup will be on 8th October 2014, Wednesday, 7.30pm (+8 GMT).

Following are the slides from the Meetup (and any supplementary notes that the speakers may have):

Security – How to Secure Your WordPress installation

WordPress – nginx | HHVM | MariaDB

Additional notes

Tracking Contact Form 7 Enquiries with Google Analytics

Additional Notes